Men really CAN drink women under the table, but women can consume more steaks and sugary drinks…experts reveal how gender affects our body’s reaction to food

Due to their size and body composition, men are able to digest alcohol more quickly than women, meaning it is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly, resulting in a gradual path to intoxication.

Top nutrition experts highlight the different ways men and women process food and have recommended dietary adjustments based on your gender. Dietitians in the UK have outlined intriguing science showing …

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More than 200 branded baby and toddler foods fail to meet WHO nutritional standards, study warns… so is YOUR child on the list?

Of the 1,297 products assessed internationally, including 218 sold in UK supermarkets, none were deemed suitable for promotion to children.  Pictured, one of the products that failed to meet WHO's nutrition and marketing standards: Kraft Heinz Heinz Peach Multigrain Porridge for Babies from 7 months

An international study has found that more than 200 branded baby and toddler food products in the UK do not meet the World Health Organisation’s marketing and nutrition standards. Two-thirds …

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