‘When you improve nutrition, you reduce violence’: Psychologist Kimberley Wilson working in Europe’s largest women’s prison

British psychologist Kimberley Wilson worked with people from all backgrounds after years of working as a therapist at London’s Holloway Prison, which was the largest women’s prison in Europe at the time. But those formative years shaped the advice Wilson gives her clients and patients to this day.

During her time at Holloway, Wilson learned about the surprising connections between diet, mental health and behavior in the population he worked with. These early findings were so promising that they inspired the work Wilson has done over the past decade, as well as her two books: “How to build a healthy brain” (yellow kite, 2020) and “Raw: How the food we eat is fueling our mental health crisis” (Ebury Publishing, 2023).

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Image Source : www.livescience.com

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