A woman is sent to the hospital after a mental breakdown when her stepsons play trick songs for her

Parents’ divorce and remarriage can be very difficult for children. Especially if the divorce involved nasty things like cheating. Also, it doesn’t help when a parent’s new partner isn’t a good person.

Like in this story: a marriage broke up due to cheating and the father married his mistress, which was a very sad day for the rest of the family. And what’s even worse is that the stepmother basically tried to abuse her way into her children’s hearts. But they didn’t give in and got their revenge on her in a creative and musical way.

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Music is not only a universal language, but it can also be a tool of revenge

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A father married his mistress, and she tried to make her stepchildren recognize her by abusing them.

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Her stepsons decided to get revenge for the abuse by singing songs about cheating whenever they were in the same room as her.

The OP, who is a 16-year-old teenager, has three siblings. All the siblings lived a happy family life with both parents until one day the mother caught the father with his mistress. Thus, divorce and remarriage followed. What made the new marriage even more disturbing was that the father got married on the same day that another of the brothers died.

So it’s no surprise that the rest of the siblings feel hatred towards their father for his actions. They are still required to contact him though, but at least he doesn’t have full custody.

Now, it’s been two years since the marriage, and the train of hatred still prevails. For example, the OP doesn’t talk to her 6 siblings, whose mother is the lover. And for that, both the author of the publication and his brothers were reprimanded: their things and food were taken away. They used to hoard food in their room, but as this was discovered, they were forced to stay in the living room and not allowed to go out without permission.

The OP didn’t give up though. The 4 brothers started playing songs about cheating at full volume and singing whenever their “wicked stepmother” was in the room. Basically, this is his plan to prove to the woman that he will never replace her real mother and get revenge on her for having a wedding on the day of her brother’s death.

The plan worked so well that the stepmother ended up having a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. However, the OP feels no remorse, but some family members do, and they came up with a plan to send her to a camp for troubled teens. But that didn’t stop me from coming to Reddit and asking him if he really is the idiot here.

And the verdict was that the OP was not an idiot. People on the Internet not only praised her for such an interesting revenge idea and offered to help with playlists of songs about cheating, but also worried about the abuse that she and her siblings went through. suffer from his father and his new wife.

In fact, some of these comments can be implied as a description of an infamous evil stepmother. Most of us have probably heard of this phenomenon from fairy tales: nasty women who marry into a family and make fun of their stepchildren. Well, at least the stepmother in the story isn’t a murderess like some of the fairy tales (like Snow White). Still, she really gives off a bad stepmom vibe, doesn’t she?

Image credits: Karolina Grabowska (not the actual photo)

There is a theory that the evil stepmother trope probably originated back to ancient Rome because of Livia Drusilla, the first Roman empress and second wife of the emperor Caesar Augustus. After the suspicious deaths of Augustus’ grandchildren, Livia was thrown under the bus (metaphorically, they didn’t have buses back then, huh), and she was portrayed as a scheming, power-hungry figure.

What mainly popularized the trope were the Disney films based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales and the works of Hans Christian Andersen. These include movies like Snow White (which we already mentioned), Tangled, The Little Mermaid and many others.

But we never thought about it negative implications of this trope for women marrying into a family? For example, stepmothers are viewed more negatively than any other type of family member. In the media, stepmothers are often seen as less loving and kind, and are less likable as characters.

These types of stereotypes can scare women away from committing to a man who has children from a previous relationship, even if they are the perfect match for each other. No one would like to be perceived as a villain for no reason, right? This can also harm children because they may perceive their stepmothers as bad people, and this can certainly complicate family dynamics. And these are just a few negative consequences that can arise from the trope.

Probably for this or a similar reason, Disney recently began to restore the good name of stepmothers by portraying them in a more positive light, as a more complicated human being (rather than just evil), or simply by moving away from too much

So maybe calling the stepmother in the Reddit story evil isn’t the best choice. Still, that doesn’t detract from the fact that his actions toward his stepchildren were basically abuse. It’s pretty normal that they don’t accept her as a mother, no matter how hard they try, since it’s clear that they have a fully functioning biological mother. And the songs about cheating… Well, that’s a very creative way to get revenge on abuse.

People online supported such a creative revenge plan, but were concerned about the abuse the children suffered

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