The fitness trainer escapes through New York City to achieve two world records

A fitness trainer that launched across New York City has earned a pair of Guinness World Records titles.

Austin Head (USA), trainer at Life Time in New York, has not only played the most lunges in one hour (male)but also set the record maximum distance traveled per lunge in one hour while training for his attempt.

Austin, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, achieved the record he had been training for on Friday when crowds gathered to watch him jump 2,825 times in 60 minutes, beating the previous record of 2,358.

His first record came 12 days earlier, during his training, with him throwing 3.45 km (2.14 miles) in 60 minutes on 10 March.

cape austin is launched along the boardwalk

Austin, 30, took on the huge challenge of raising money for the Life Time Foundation, which was created to inspire healthier people, healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.

And he raised an incredible $7,599 (6,026), with $2,500 (1,982) during his hour-long attempt.

The money Austin raised will stay in the New York area to fund health and wellness programs.

He also hopes that his efforts will encourage people to focus on challenges with a positive mindset.

Austin's head is thrown as a crowd follows behind him

And although it was all worth it, today he recognized: The adrenaline wears off and the pain sets in!

Austin’s attempt on Friday took place on the Brooklyn waterfront, starting at the Dumbo carousel and moving along the docks below Brooklyn Heights before looping back to conclude near its starting point.

He was cheered on by a crowd of people, including his mother and grandmother, who came from Texas to support him, as well as his friends and family from the New York area.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric was there to oversee the attempt and present Austin with his two certificates.

Austin's head kicks out as Michael Empric follows

Revealing how he mentally prepared for his attempt, Austin said: To get my mindset right, I would listen to Tony Robbins motivational videos and listen to really uplifting and inspiring music!

My mantra that helped me achieve the world record was “I AM POWERFUL, I AM STRONG!!” I kept saying that in my head the entire hour, it helped me stay focused, and it really helped me gain power and strength!

Austin, who set himself the challenge of achieving a Guinness World Records title when he turned 30, said he believes it was fate that led him into the fitness profession.

He said: I have a disabled brother and I grew up helping my mother with him. This instilled in me the need to help people. I also loved acting as a child. Being a group instructor is really a perfect balance between the two! Getting to help people while on stage. I feel very blessed to be doing what I know I was meant to do every day.

Austin Head points at the camera as he lunges

On how the idea for his record title came about, he added: I’ve been pitching for years! I do so many lunges in my group fitness classes.

I started walking constantly during the pandemic. I would do 45 minutes at a time walking lunges.

[And] I feel very lucky to live in one of the best neighborhoods in New York – Dumbo! I knew I wanted it to be by the sea.

Austin says he learned a lot while preparing for his record attempt, and has plenty of advice to pass on to anyone considering going for their own title.

He said: In the beginning I ended up training too much. What was difficult about my training was that I would be very sore from a lunge session and would have to teach a whole day of classes, sometimes seven in one day! I teach almost 30 classes a week with Life Time.

Austin Head celebrates when he gets his certificates

I quickly realized how important recovery was. I prioritized my recovery so much that I purchased a membership to reset Therabody. I would get weekly IVs, constantly use red light therapy, cold immersion, as well as stretching and massage sessions. This was a huge game changer for me!

It’s a big sacrifice and I honestly don’t think I realized how big of a sacrifice it would be. The first thing I would say is find your why or your purpose. Then, on the days you feel like giving up, always come back to your why and the motivation will come!

He added: The reason I have the world record is not because I’m in the best shape, I’m in great shape but not in the best shape. I use mindset to help me take my physical skills to another level!

Oh, and Austin also admits he developed a bit of a sweet tooth during his training and would often stop by Chip City Cookies at the end of his pitching sessions for a reward.

You deserve it, Austin.

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