Sixty percent of aged care residents take antidepressants. Experts say that doesn’t help, but they know what would

Helen* describes moving into a care home last year as “a very sudden trauma”.

There’s nothing wrong with the institution itself and the people there are “very nice”, Helen, a 90-year-old former clinical psychologist, tells ABC RN’s Life Matters.

“But he’s not at home,” he says.

“Moving from a two-bedroom unit to a one-bedroom house is really, really hard to leave behind my furniture, a lot of my clothes, my memories, my books.

“[There] it was a terrible feeling of abandonment, of pain, of loss, of having left behind my personality, my independence and my ability to make decisions for myself.”

Helen suffered from depression after moving into the care home, and has also noticed other people there showing “various signs of depression”.

“There are a lot of people who sit in silence and cry for days after they arrive,” she says.

“I see it here every day.”

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