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Robby RobinsonA love of fitness not only produced success on stage, but also contributed to his remarkable longevity. In a recent YouTube video, Robby Robinson opened up about his stack of anti-aging supplements at age 77.

If we’re not looking for constant physical improvements, most of us would like to live longer, making the supplement industry a booming market by 2024. In addition to its muscle-building properties and performance effects, many they use supplements to improve their productivity and even their sleep schedules.

For bodybuilding star Robby Robinson, who competed at the highest level in the IFBB Pro League during the 1970s and 80s, supplements are vital to his daily operations. He recently detailed his stack of supplements that he uses today to improve his workout performance while aiding his anti-aging efforts.

77-year-old bodybuilding icon Robby Robinson shares his stack of anti-aging supplements

Find a quick list of Robby Robinson’s supplement intake below:

  • glutamine
  • L-citrulline
  • Vitamin C
  • B vitamins
  • amino acids
  • creatine
  • glutathione

According to Robby Robinson, his entire supplement routine depends on glutamine. In his first drink of the day, Robinson takes five scoops of glutamine, one scoop of creatine and one scoop of L-citrulline.

“My whole supplement regimen is glutamine. First thing in the morning I put it in my first drink, five scoops of glutamine.

So, I’m going to get a scoop of creatine, a scoop of L-citrulline, because you’re talking about increasing testosterone, the creatine you’re talking about building muscle, strength. Glutamine helps your body recover from workouts,” said Robby Robinson.

In addition, the bodybuilding icon takes vitamin C, B and amino acids.

“Vitamin C, I put a spoonful of vitamin C in there, I put B vitamins in there,” adds Robinson. “What I do from time to time, I say I’ll go to Dr. Rand and I will be receiving the same IV supplements. All of that, glutamine, creatine, amino acids, I have it all in one solution.”

Perhaps the most important supplement in your regimen is glutathione, which helps with sleep quality and anti-aging goals.

“Oh yeah, it goes right into the bloodstream. It automatically replenishes the body because the body is low because you’re working out and it helps the body recover. One of the main ingredients that he puts in it takes about 30 minutes and that’s glutathione. Glutathione helps the body regenerate. It’s almost like anti-aging, it doesn’t age as fast. If you take it at night, you sleep like a baby.”

While not technically a supplement, Robinson swore by using portable oxygen to maintain adequate blood oxygen levels.

“I’ve been using this [portable oxygen tank] for years,” Robby Robinson said. “I used it in the ’70s, but I didn’t wear it to the gym. So what it does is help maintain the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, again, talking about building muscle and burning fat.”

Along with Robby Robinson, Andrew Huberman, a respected health and neuroscience expert, has revealed some of his most effective supplements to improve your fitness level. Similar to Robinson’s protocol, Huberman also advocated amino acids and creatine, suggesting an ideal dosage.

“You don’t have to be very specific about it, but if you’re between 185 and 250 pounds, you can get away with it and you should probably take 10 grams or so of creatine a day, which is what I do,” says the Dr. Huberman.

Dr. Peter Attia also discussed his supplement routine designed for longevity and improved sleep quality.

“I also use some sleep supplements. I’m a fan of glycine, Ashwagandha, magnesium L-threonate and also straight magnetic oxide. I don’t use melatonin unless I’m jetlagged,” explains Dr. Peter Attia .

Supplement intake and choices remain one of the most discussed topics in fitness given their overall benefits on performance, cognition, sleep, and performance of daily activities. Having competed on some of the most prestigious stages in bodybuilding, hearing what supplements Robby Robinson still uses today offers valuable insight into longevity and anti-aging possibilities.

“There are no secrets,” adds Robinson. “I do it every day.”

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Watch the full video from the SPASE YouTube channel below:

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