New survey on water habits reveals: 1 in 3 Americans hate the taste of tap water

A 2024 study commissioned by the German company air up indicates that Americans recognize the importance of staying hydrated, saving money and using fewer plastic bottles by drinking tap water, but are not ready to give up their old habits.

MUNICHi SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — air uppioneer of the world’s first scent-based beverage system, today announced the results of its February 2024 survey of US consumer sentiment toward hydration and tap water consumption. From taste preferences to daily intake habits, the survey results paint a detailed picture of America’s hydration culture. Highlights include:

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  • Less than half (44%) of adults over 18 say they drink the recommended daily intake of water.

  • About 60% of adults say they would like to increase the amount of water they drink.

  • About 30% of Americans say they don’t like the taste of tap water.

  • 26% of adults say they struggle to get their child to drink enough water.

  • 68% of adults say the environmental impact of plastic bottles is an important factor in their decision to drink tap water 63% drinking bottled water vs. 38% who drink unfiltered tap.

The survey results underscore the critical importance of hydration to overall health and well-being, with air in the air. committed to raising awareness and education about the quality of the nation’s tap water while championing the benefits of adequate hydration.

An Unpleasant Taste
While there is a growing consumer focus on health and sustainability, nearly 1 in 3 Americans say they don’t like the taste of their tap water, and more than two-thirds (63%) select bottled water as your best option for drinking water. This highlights a prevalent barrier to adequate hydration and underscores the importance of accessible and attractive alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles, 60 million of which are thrown away every day in the US.[1].

Similarly, the survey indicates a worrying gap between intention and action when it comes to adequate hydration: less than half (44%) of respondents report achieving their recommended daily water intake, while almost 60% express the desire to increase their water consumption. This disparity emphasizes the need for innovative solutions that improve the appeal of drinking water and promote healthy hydration among consumers.

Environmental awareness
The survey also revealed that nearly 7 in 10 Americans (68%) are aware of the environmental impact of plastic bottles when making decisions about their hydration options, underscoring a growing awareness of the harmful effects of single-use plastics on the environment.

In response to these challenges, ventilate provides a revolutionary scent-based drinking system that transforms the taste and experience of tap water through the science of retronasal smell. By infusing plain water with a variety of scents, aerate offers a refreshing and enjoyable alternative to traditional bottled drinks, encouraging people to prioritize tap water for their hydration needs.

how air is committed to improving hydration:

  • 69% of international air customers claimed that after 6 months of using the product, they were drinking more water daily. 57% found themselves consuming fewer sugary drinks.

  • air up is dedicated to promoting sustainable hydration practices and empowering people to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising taste or comfort.

  • By improving the taste of water with smell-based taste, aerate offers a unique solution that promotes healthier hydration habits without the need for added sugars or artificial flavors.

  • air up offers consumers a wide range of flavor options that can be effortlessly switched at any time, offering a dynamic flavor experience. This is in contrast to single-use beverages, which must be consumed completely and then discarded.

“Air up allows people to make healthy and sustainable choices without compromising taste, one sip at a time. It’s a simple yet innovative solution that not only transforms the experience of drinking water through smell, but also encourages habits of “healthier hydration while also addressing the problem. The use of single-use plastic bottles in the nation is still too common,” said Lena Jngst, co-founder of air up..

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Survey methodology:

All figures are from Appinio. The total sample size was 1,000 US adults. The fieldwork was carried out on 2-27-2024. The survey was conducted online. Figures are representative of all US adults 18 and older.

On the air up
air up is the German company behind the world’s first refillable scent-based beverage system that flavors water through smell alone. Since its launch in europe in July 2019air has raised more than 60 million euros over two rounds of funding, and has grown into a company that operates in 14 countries, including the US. The expansion has more than 300 employees worldwide and enjoys a customer base of millions. The CEOs of air up to include Christian Haut (CEO), Jannis Koppitz (CEO), Magdalena Jngst (CCO), Simon Nesch (CMO), Tim Jger (Head of Research and Development) and Tobias Klostermann (SVP Supply Chain & Logistics).

[1] Source:…/275-down-the-drain


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