Lubavitcher entrepreneur and chef creates kosher meal kits

The world is getting smarter. Why isn’t it your dinner? This is the question Adam Goodfriend he’s been asking people these days as he walks out the door with his newly rebranded company. Full story

The world is getting smarter. Why isn’t it your dinner? This is the question Adam Goodfriend he’s been asking people these days as he walks out the door with his newly rebranded company.

A GoodFriend (formerly Kosher Made Simple) was conceived and born during the COVID shutdown. When restaurants closed their doors and people stayed at home, he took out a notebook and started jotting down ideas. Looking down at the pen and paper, what he saw looking back was the need for a luxury kosher food company for the pandemic and beyond.

While many other parts of our lives have seen drastic advances, the way a home cook makes chicken schnitzel and mashed potatoes is pretty much the same as it was 50 years ago and even 100 years ago, says Goodfriend, member from the Chabad community of Monsey, New York. .

As with any entrepreneurial venture, the journey from concept to completion is almost always unprecedented. Early on, Goodfriend contacted CHYE and the rabbi Yehoshua Werde who offered advice and feedback on a range of issues. Rabbi Werde assigned him a business mentor, Yitzy Geisinsky (of Alacrity Energy and Milano Wigs), who provided further guidance and support, particularly through the decision and process of their recent rebrand. I am grateful to Hashem for giving me the awareness I needed to take advantage of his services. Yitzy has been very generous with his time and advice. It really amazes me, he remarked, adding that he received the right balance of practical advice, encouragement and support. Shlomo Klein of Fleishigs Magazine and Yakov Yarmov d’Albertsons also provided guidance along the way. It was crucial to the decision to rebrand Chaya Lichtenstein (ChezChaya) and when it was time to take the plunge, Goodfriend went with the world’s leading kosher brand and marketing firm, Mann Sales Co and Jack Levinson.

And seconds Moshe i Emily Tikotzky: Dinner has never been better. My husband and I wanted to let you know that this is our second week in a row ordering dinners from you, and we are absolutely blown away by the quality of each meal! They are all so tasty and fresh and better every night! Thank you for making dinner not only delicious, but exciting with new menus every week and making them stress-free and fun!

Demographics that typically use this service include households with two working parents, people after having babies or recovering from illness, smaller households that don’t want leftovers, young couples just starting out, teenagers in who like to cook, busy families and more. There’s even an option to gift the service via a gift card, and since there’s no subscription requirement, it’s something that really makes sense.

If people want convenience, they can always make frozen fish sticks or pizza. While it certainly has its place, most people don’t want to do it 5 nights a week. So what we needed to do was make the dinner routine easier while increasing the quality. This is possible because restaurateurs know how to source, store, cut and brine food for optimal integrity and quality taste. They know where to buy what. For example, we will order bread from one place, fish from another, vegetables from several places, special kosher items from a different place. It makes sense for us but not for a home cook and especially not for a weeknight dinner. This is the service we offer. At the end of the day, you can cook and produce restaurant-quality food in your own home with ease and to your heart’s content.

Customers can choose CHK for meat and poultry. A new menu comes out every week. Every Sunday afternoon (the main delivery day), customers expect to find the signature yellow box on their doorsteps that promises delicious and healthy culinary adventures inside. Not in the New York metro area? Don’t worry they ship domestically. The deadline to order is Tuesday night at 11:45pm and customers receive their order the following Sunday (or Monday depending on their delivery area). More information is available on their website:

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