Let’s go on his watch: the aggravating manager gets a taste of his own medicine

Few things are more annoying than managers making unreasonable demands, and unfortunately, in many industries, it’s not that rare.

This redditor’s story shows that retail is no exception; they told the ‘Malicious Compliance’ community about their boss wanting them to work on their clock, which wasn’t set right. The superior hoped to make use of the employee with his demands, but he tried his own medicine.

Aggravating managers have the power to make the day-to-day life of employees unnecessarily difficult

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This superior demanded that his employee work according to his clock, which was not in order

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Having a certain level of power can reveal not the greatest of a person’s colors

Many people have probably encountered at least one aggravating superior during their career. Whether it’s the boss of the entire company or a shift manager with no more than a couple of employees, they have the power to make the lives of those under them a lot easier or hell.

In the latter case, this sense of power can reveal the manager’s darker side and, consequently, makes it difficult to be present. Research on how power affects people suggests that this sense of dominance can influence how people perceive others, often leading to a decreased perception of humanity in those around them, heightened implicit bias, and objectification .

This is why, according to the research, it is crucial to mitigate the abuse of power and foster social responsibility, and one of the suggested ways to do this is to select ethical candidates for positions of power.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Some superiors are so unqualified or just plain hard to deal with that employees have nightmares about them or endure weekend anxiety caused by the thought of having to go back to work after finishing. That’s the sad reality presented by Stagwell’s research, which found that up to half of employed people suffer from the former, and more than 70% suffer from the latter.

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People in all kinds of fields seem to dislike their bosses, but retail tops the list

According to another study, conducted by GoodHire, less than half of respondents in ten of the most popular job sectors believe their manager is open and honest about promotion opportunities or during conversations related to salary and compensation. This could be one reason why more than four out of five employed people say they could do their manager’s work or could do their own work without their manager’s involvement.

If you’re thinking that you could probably do your job without a manager, chances are you’re not alone in your field of work. Statistics show that representatives from all walks of life are unhappy with their managers, retail, “a great place to be when you’re biding your time”, as the OP put it, which is the sector where the people hate their bosses more.

Right behind retail is the healthcare sector, followed by sales, property and construction, energy and utilities, and utilities along with public administration, respectively.

Since it seems no field, or person for that matter, is safe from an aggravating boss, it’s best to be prepared to deal with them. Fortunately, the OP found out exactly how to do this within seconds of being asked to follow the manager’s clock instead of the actual hours. His snide compliment was applauded by other editors in the comments.

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People in the comments applauded the case of malicious compliance

Some netizens spoke of similar personal experiences

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