Lee Brothers MMA is offering the chance to “win” a 6-week fitness program for free

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Lee Brothers MMA in Fort Wayne is offering one of its signature fitness programs to 16 people for free, but those who want to be chosen will have to earn their spot.

The program, called the LBX program, aims to combine fitness and nutrition while pairing participants with a coach who works to keep them accountable and consistent.

Lee Brothers MMA has been offering boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in some capacity since 2006, but the gym started LBX in 2019 as a way to help people get their diet up to par. his physical training.

“It’s really hard to out train a bad diet,” said Meesh Lee, COO of Lee Brothers MMA. “We weren’t doing anything with nutrition until we introduced it in 2019. The reality is that when you talk about a physical transformation, 80 percent is diet.”

Mike Lee, owner of Lee Brothers MMA, said probably the most important part of the program is having the one-on-one trainer available to keep participants on track.

“I could take everything we do in the LBX program and give it to you, but if I give it to you, you’ll go home and you won’t appreciate it at all…but now if I give this to you and then I’ll send you a text message and I’m like, “Hey, it’s noon, send me a picture of what you ate.” Hey man, check your weight… At this point, this piece of accountability will make you stick to it and keep going,” Mike said.

Lee Brothers MMA explains the diet portion of the LBX challenge

By the time people finish the six-week challenge, Mike and Meesh hope that those people will have gained enough motivation and discipline to continue working out on their own at the gym.

“Nothing you do in life happens in six weeks at a time…but at the end of that six-week journey, at that point they understand that what I want with this lifestyle that I’ve found is that I want to continue doing this style of life.” said Mike.

Meesh said participants may change some of what they were doing during the challenge, but the main goal is for them to find something they like so they have a better chance of sticking with it.

Lee Brothers MMA maintains a Wall of Fame inside their gym that depicts those who have completed the challenge with pictures before and after each participant started the LBX program.

“I always like to tell people that the secret sauce to getting in killer shape is to find a hobby that you enjoy that keeps you in killer shape,” said Meesh.

While the gym currently offers the LBX program to 16 people for free, Meesh said the 16 who are chosen will have to earn their spot.

“We interview each person, in person, before deciding if they’re a good fit for our six-week challenge,” Meesh said. “When it comes to our six-week challenge, we’re just looking for people who are coachable, who are ready to go, who aren’t like, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll try.'”

Even after being selected, participants will be tracked to ensure they are making progress and staying engaged.

If a participant completes the challenge and follows the rules, then the gym will refund the full value of the program to the person so they can continue training.

“We’re happy to give you six weeks’ membership if you stay here and love what you do,” said Mike. “If you’ve changed your life over the course of six weeks, why, at six weeks, would you stop and walk away, and we find that most people don’t.”

Lee Brothers MMA Boxing Demo with WANE 15

Regardless of a person’s journey during the LBX program, Mike and Meesh hope that participants leave happy and rewarded.

“I think what most people experience is a sense of pride and ability,” Meesh said. “I think that’s one of the biggest things we see when people join our community and one of the biggest things we love to keep giving back.”

For those interested in learning boxing or martial arts apart from the free LBX challenge, Lee Brothers MMA offers the first session free to allow people to get a feel for what the gym has to offer and if it’s right for them.

Information on how to apply for the free LBX challenge and standard membership pricing can be found online.

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