I’m stronger than ever in my 50s, this is what made me fitter, leaner and more confident

My 50th birthday was coming up and I decided that in my new decade I wanted to be fitter and stronger.

For years I’d taken my kids to the local climbing wall and waited while they climbed the walls, so when my kids encouraged me to try bouldering in my quest for strength and fitness, it was hard to find reasons not to . .

Despite spending a lot of time watching the action on the block wall, running on it myself was daunting at first. I was afraid of falling and worried about my validity to be there. I was a beginner and I was surrounded by all these amazing climbers doing really hard routes.

Claire felt intimidated at first

Fortunately, everyone was very encouraging and my nerves quickly faded. I started going once a week but couldn’t climb for a long time because I was out of shape and found my hands hurt from the roughness of the holds, plus my muscles hurt .

I slowly progressed and now I boulder two or three times a week for hours at a time. I am much stronger and feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach the top.

My strength has grown, my fitness has increased and my ability and technique have also improved. Bouldering has changed my life for the better – the only downside is that I no longer have long nails!

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Ollie Rooke, Marketing Manager of London Climbing Centers, explained the physical and mental benefits of climbing, sharing: Climbing provides a full body workout, exercising major and minor muscles and tendons from the feet up, literally, on the tips of your body. fingers It’s not just a physical workout though, part of the challenge of climbing is finding the solution needed to get to the top of the route in front of you. This means that climbing offers a unique combination of physical and mental challenge, which fosters awareness and has a remarkable positive effect on mental health.”

A new community

The staff and other climbers have such a passion for the sport and want everyone to join in and enjoy it too.

Woman on a climbing wall
Claire felt accomplished when she conquered the climbing wall

I began to meet other parents who were there with their children and found a supportive community eager to see me progress.

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I love the community I have found in Harrowallmy local site,part of London climbing centres. Climbing on my own isn’t as satisfying and I’m less motivated without them. Now I have a tight-knit group of parents that I climb with every week. We encourage each other and give advice on how to climb a particular block. We also enter competitions together.

Group of four women on a climbing wall
Claire has made great friends in bouldering

We recently fielded a team in the Harrowalls International Women’s Day competition, all women, over 45 and received a special mention at the prize giving which was lovely.

Besides the friends I’ve made, I also love how strong I am now. I am fitter, leaner, more confident and proud of what I can achieve. It shows how important it is to try something new you never know where you might end up. I ended up with a fitter body and a great friendship group.

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