I used a pilates ball for three weeks and honestly? My glutes have never felt stronger

When health editor Ally Head asked me to write a Pilates ball review, I jumped at the chance. I’ve seen review after review on TikTok of Pilates fanatics raving about how great Pilates balls are, and as someone who already religiously does at least four Pilates workouts a week, I wanted to mix it up a little my training. Any tool that supports my practice gets a yes from me (I’m looking at you, celebrity-approved Pilates sliders and Bala bracelets), and next on my list were utility balls.

Wondering how such a small kit can make such an impact? That’s the beauty of Pilates workouts, really: seemingly small movements can have a powerful impact, toning and strengthening muscles. Balls are particularly effective as they are an affordable, easy-to-use and versatile tool. Use them the right way and they are absolutely fantastic for helping you build core and glute strength.

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