I tried Sakara’s new fiber powder and it absolutely delivers

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I discovered the magic of fiber powders late in life last year when I was pregnant. At the risk of giving TMI, pregnancy constipation is absolutely a thing, and drinking extra water and eating high fiber foods wasn’t cutting it, I had to call in the big guns. I continued to take fiber after I had my son. But I was never quite thrilled with my regular supplement, which contained artificial flavors and aspartame in addition to psyllium husk. So when I heard that the nutrition company Sakara Life was releasing their own supplement, called Sakara Fiber Super Powder, I was immediately interested.

Sakara is known for its plant-based, nutrient-dense meal delivery service, and had a hunch that its fiber powder would be designed with the same values ​​as the rest of its offerings. And indeed, Sakara Fiber Super Powder contains a range of different prebiotic plant fibers derived from whole foods, such as baobab, pineapple, apple and green bananas, and is free of artificial colors and flavors and refined sugars.

I switched my regular fiber to Sakara’s Fiber Super Powder and within days I was pretty sure I wasn’t going back anytime soon. Here’s why.

What I like about Sakara Fiber Super Powder

First things first: I didn’t notice any disruption to my regularly scheduled schedule after I started using Sakara Fiber Super Powder in place of my tried and true psyllium husk fiber powder. I don’t know what the dust did to me month regular, but I didn’t really need it either, so I count that as a win.

But there were a few reasons why I preferred the Sakara fiber powder to the other one I had been using. For one thing, Sakara’s option was free of artificial sweetener flavor, because it’s subtly sweetened with monk fruit instead of aspartame.

It also didn’t cause me stomach pain or extra bloating, which I would sometimes experience after taking psyllium husk powder (often when I was a little too liberal with the amount of fiber I poured into my glass of water). Sakara’s Fiber Super Powder contains a digestive enzyme blend in addition to its fiber blend, and it’s made with prebiotic plant fibers, meaning they feed the good bugs in your gut, so maybe it was mild for the stomach

Another improvement was the taste. The Fiber Super Powder flavor is labeled as an “all pineapple” and that’s exactly what it is – a subtle pineapple flavor that I found tasty enough to drink alone with water, but understated enough to mix easily with a milkshake of your choice. without becoming the dominant flavor.

What is worth noting about Sakara Super fiber powder

The packaging tells you to start with half a scoop of powder, then gradually build up to a full scoop daily for the perfect amount of fiber. Since I was already a regular consumer of fiber supplements, I jumped right in with a full scoop, but that might not be your best strategy, especially if you don’t normally use fiber powder. He also suggests drinking it with 12 fluid ounces of water (or mixing it into a smoothie), which is a good idea. Fiber absorbs water to help keep stools soft, so skimping on H20 can make a supplement less effective.

Like all fiber powders I’ve tried, Sakara powder has a tendency to clump in water, it takes a good shake to get a really smooth mix if that’s how you’re drinking it (and I found it mixed better with warm water versus ice).

Who is Sakara Fiber Super Powder best for?

This powder is a great choice for anyone looking to increase their fiber intake. The powder is also gluten and dairy free, making it an option for people who avoid either ingredient.

Additional Details

  • One scoop of Sakara Fiber Super Powder contains six grams of fiber from a blend containing acacia fiber, baobab fruit, pineapple fruit, apple fiber, amia fruit, lucuma fruit, green banana, lemon, pomegranate and carrot all organic.
  • The digestive enzyme blend contains 10 enzymes, including amylase, protease, bromelain and papain.
  • Each bag contains approximately 28 servings.

Where can I buy Sakara Fiber Super Powder?

Sakara Fiber Super Powder ($40) is available at Sakara.com.


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