I tried out “Sexy Water,” TikTok’s latest hydration trend

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If there’s one thing TikTok loves, it’s liquids. Between the sleeping girl mocktail, snow chococinno and colostrum shake, there’s no shortage of fancy drinks. Today’s latest viral craze and drink? “Sexy water”.

The name is attractive, even seductive, but the sexy water is not too innovative. You might even be drinking it already.

The term “sexy water” was coined by TikTok content creator Kelly Stranick (@kellygracemae), and basically refers to a large glass of water with many functional combinations.

In October 2023, Stranick posted a TikTok about her sexy water routine, which involved her adding a variety of fruits, vegetables, and supplements to her morning water to make hydration a little “less mundane.” , according to his words. He noted that his sexy water recipes are always a little different and that he occasionally posts whatever version he’s currently drinking, but his original recipe included filtered water, lemon, cucumber, mint, a tablespoon of colostrum, chlorophyll ·shea, lion’s mane and cordyceps and mushroom multivitamins. .

But is it safe to mix so many supplements? And do these supplements really have any health benefits? We asked a registered dietitian what you need to know about sexy water.

What exactly is sexy water?

Simply put, sexy water is a great glass of water with functional ingredients and supplements mixed in, preferably drunk from a beautiful glass and a reusable straw. The actual ingredients may vary, but the goal is to have morning sex, romanticize hydration, and maximize water intake.

What are the potential benefits of sexy water?

Adding different flavors and combinations to water can have a positive impact, says Rebecca Russell, RD, founder of The Social Nutritionist. He agrees with Stranick’s point that sexy water can “make drinking water a little more interesting,” so it helps people stay hydrated.

Mixing the right ingredients can be beneficial with a few caveats, Russell says. Adding certain minerals to water, for example, can help your body absorb more H20, hydrating more efficiently. Adding a supplement with a study-proven benefit like fiber, to improve digestion, or one of the expert-approved green powders on this list could also help sneak some extra health benefits into your morning glass.

But when it comes to combinations, you can get too much of a good thing. Which brings us to. . .

What are the risks of sexy water?

Stranick’s original sexy water recipe contained several different supplements, which raises some red flags. For one thing, the supplement industry is not strictly regulated by the FDA, so it can be difficult to find quality products with proven health benefits.

And even if all the ingredients you’re throwing into your sexy water they are safe on their own, they could interact with each other or with other medications in your routine. “Certain supplements and herbs can interact with medications or other supplements, so be careful what you mix,” confirms Russell.

“Specifically with the minerals, they [can] compete for absorption, so adding a bunch of different minerals might not be the best idea,” she adds. Stranick herself notes that the chlorophyll she adds to her sexy water can make certain medications more difficult to absorb , so you want to make sure you take them at separate times.

Also, taking too many supplements or adding too many dyes to your sexy water can make it harder to identify the culprit if you have a negative reaction, Russell says. For example, chlorophyll and colostrum can cause digestive disorders. If you’ve added both at the same time, you may not know which is to blame, especially if they’re both new to your routine.

In general, you shouldn’t add supplements to your routine just because someone on social media does, Russell says. It’s also always a good idea to clear any supplements you’re interested in taking with your doctor, especially if you’re taking prescription drugs.

Should you try the sexy water?

In the name of science, I put sexy water to the test. I added half a packet of Ultima Replenisher Watermelon Electrolyte Blend ($21), a squeeze of lemon juice, a sliced ​​strawberry and two mint leaves to a glass of filtered water and drank it before breakfast . Did I feel like I was in a spa? Yes. Did he encourage me to drink water immediately after waking up? For sure. Did I feel like a completely different person? Not exactly.

When asked what his ideal sexy water would include, Russell suggests keeping it simple. His recipe? A few drops of ConcenTrace Trace Minerals ($37), especially if you drink highly filtered water and sugar-free electrolytes to add magnesium, potassium and sodium to boost hydration.

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All in all, if water sex makes you want to drink more, go for it! However, if you want to create your own sexy water, take a “less is more” approach. Add some fruit or herbs for flavor, plus an electrolyte pack or a scoop of fiber powder or another supplement you know works for you, and resist the urge to throw it down the kitchen sink .

Keep it simple, be mindful of what you’re adding, and don’t expect any health miracles, says Russell. If you prefer good plain water, that’s great too. The most important thing is to drink at least six to eight glasses a day.

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