Gymnotherapy with Habida Moloney

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Gymnotherapy with Habida Moloney

Habida Moloney works out with dumbbells at the Jaffrey Sports Club, Nairobi. PHOTO | SWIMMING POOL

Whenever devastating, traumatic and debilitating events have occurred, Habida has responded with an unconventional remedy; go to the gym.

It’s no different this time when the BDLife he meets her at a gym in Nairobi’s Lavington working on her therapeutic relief.

The singer and actor recently underwent throat surgery in India. He is on his way to a full recovery, but the process saps his energy, leaving the 42-year-old’s life in captivity.

To give him the boost he needs, he’s hired a personal trainer.

The reason I use a coach is because I want someone who can push me to my limits. Since the surgery, my energy has decreased a lot, so it doesn’t make it any easier for me to train alone, explains Habida.

The mother of two has always had an inactive life.

When I lived in South Africa, I used to compete as a powerlifter, lifting heavy loads until I was involved in a nasty accident when I traveled to the US to work with Nigerian-American singer Jedinna and then perform with Charlie Wilison. I had also been thrown into the new beginnings TV series and so I had to be removed from the show. My life stopped, it was devastating, she remembers the accident that left her in a vegetative state.

Habida had to take intense medication after fracturing her limbs and also suffering a head injury.

Before the traumatic event that turned his life upside down, Habida says he could easily squat 80 kilograms, bench press 50 kilograms and deadlift 100 kilograms.

In late 2015, on her way to full recovery, she conceived her first child.

I had to go off medication to test my son’s pregnancy, which meant my recovery would slow down, she says.

Added benefit

The Sunshine singer didn’t resume training until 2017, and by then she had put on weight.

Now I’m a size 10, then I was a size 16. My wardrobe has had to change, I packed away my slim fit clothes and bought new ones, she laughs.

Habida says that for her, working out is about her mental well-being. He points out that while others turn to alcohol and sex to de-stress, the gym has always been a safe space to let off steam.

And then there’s the added benefit of retaining your youthful appearance.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s genes or training or a mix of both, but you can’t rule out exercise, you know, it’s flattering.

But even as a fan of exercise, Habida has been unable to tame her sweet tooth, inevitably leading her to spot a good amount of fat around her belly fat.

This has everything to do with traveling to India. I’m a foodie and so when I’m not active, my body tends to store fat around my belly, inner thighs and back; those are my problem areas, he says.

Habida continues, I have this candy because when I’m low on energy I eat a brownie, a chocolate bar, a cake and all that.

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Habida Moloney works out on a leg press machine at the Jaffrey Sports Club, Nairobi. PHOTO | SWIMMING POOL

Simple pleasures

However, she is determined not to stop enjoying life’s simple pleasures, such as cookies and chocolate bars.

I used to worry a lot about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do and what happens is you start having mental problems and you start doing stupid things like starving yourself. You have to understand that life can stop at any time,

However, Habida is proud to be a size 10 because most of her extended family members are large.

I have the genes to be big, my whole family is fat, she says.

But while Habida isn’t very strict when it comes to food, she stresses the importance of exercise.

Breast surgery

When she had a breast reduction, exercise helped speed up her healing process.

After I had my son, I developed back problems because my chest got so much bigger. Exercise helped ease the discomfort but eventually I had to have breast reduction surgery where a kilo of tissue was removed from each breast. After that I continued with exercises during the healing period, now it is much better. The beauty of working out is that it fixes a lot of things in your body, he says.

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