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Exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israeletel He’s back to evaluate another big name in fitness, this time taking a closer look at Chris Bumstead’s lifting technique. In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Mike Israetel criticized Bumstead’s upper body training, including chest and back.

Since 2019, it has been impossible to ignore the dominance of current Classic Physique Olympia Chris Bumstead. Not only has he led an unblemished record since taking over from Breon Ansley, but “Cbum” has leveraged that success to become one of the hottest fitness stars in the world. With 23.5 million followers on Instagram, fans take notice every time they hear about the Canadian superpower.

Bumstead overcame numerous obstacles that stood in his way to become a five-time Classic Physique Olympia champion. As well as suffering a lateral tear in the build-up to the contest, Bumstead saw his close friend and brother-in-law Iain Valliere abruptly retire from the sport. With his eyes set on another gold trophy, Bumstead has been quietly enjoying his off-season.

Here comes sports psychologist Dr. Mike Israetel, who combines humor and scientific studies in his training problems. He recently sat down to critique and evaluate Chris Bumstead’s upper body lifting technique, offering his alterations.

Exercise scientist examines Chris Bumstead’s upper body lifting techniques and gives tips for improvement

Back training

Dr. Mike Israetel begins by assessing Bumstead’s form during a few back-to-back moves.

“Ah, bent rows, those aren’t the worst bent rows I’ve ever seen. He’s getting really good stretches and contractions. I’d love it if Mr. Chris Bumstead would bend considerably more and thus require him to use less load , he could get a deeper stretch and he could maximize the growth of his back while minimizing fatigue, which means in the long run he could maximize the growth of his back even more and minimize the fatigue that would prevent him from growing others as well muscles”.

Taking a closer look at Bumstead’s one-arm dumbbell rows, Israetel explains why the stretching portion of the movement helps muscle growth.

“One-arm dumbbell rows,” said Dr. Mike Israetel. “This is precisely the exercise you can take advantage of. This is the best [stretching]. This is your best marginal comparative advantage with other exercises, so why not do it?”

Chest training

When it comes to chest training, Israetel offered some advice to Bumstead, especially for achieving a deep stretch and for more effective contractions.

“Technique looks pretty good here. I’d like to see Chris open up a little bit more. Having a little less elbow angle because he’s doing kind of a push/fly combination, that’s not a bad thing, but I’d like to see him try a pure fly where he keeps his elbows slightly bent and also stretches. really deep in that position.”

To get the most possible benefits from chest training, Israetel advised Bumstead to control the eccentric and the decline.

“That’s good, he’s getting a really deep stretch which is impressive. I’d love to see him control the eccentric a little bit more to control the descent a little bit more. Slow it down a little bit, I’d love to see him take a break a second or two at the bottom to get that really crazy deep stretch in the pecs, other than that, I think this is a really great technique.”

“Interesting, Chris’s close grip here, which means he won’t be doing a ton of blocking, which for the chest isn’t really important anyway, so it’s not a big deal,” adds Israetel. “I would normally take a much wider grip to preferentially train the chest.”

He adds that lifters tend to rush the eccentric because they are fixated on performing extra reps.

“One of the reasons people like to rush the eccentric is the fact that it really occurs to them that I want to do more reps, if I can make each rep a little faster and easier , I can do more reps. But we’re not there to do reps, we’re there to stimulate the muscle as much as possible.”

Order of the exercises

For breast growth, Israetel maintains that the order of exercises is not as important as the stimulus-fatigue ratio.

“With the chest, and the chest strengthening exercise is really good. You can do your flys first, your presses first, whatever feels best, there really aren’t any wrong answers. As for the order of the exercises here [for Bumstead] I don’t see much more complex logic than trying a bunch of different machines and hitting a bunch of different angles.”

There is some redundancy that uses different types of flies and different types of presses. They do some flat presses and an incline press, which I like, and another fly, which I like, but I’d say a fly, incline press, and flat press is pretty much all you need for the chest workout

Finally, Dr. Israetel gave his thoughts on “Cbum’s” lifting technique, which left him impressed overall.

“From what I could see, very good technique, especially in those one-arm rows. I’d like to see Chris do a bit more of a full range of motion, especially in that eccentric by a small margin, he was doing really well.

I would love for him to control his descent more. I think I would get more out of the movement with less fatigue.”

“I would love for them to lean more into their bent-over rows and potentially choose machines that are better at accentuating that deep stretch,” adds exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel.

From examining the fat-loss potential of diet soda to revealing its hypertrophy hierarchy, there’s no fitness topic Mike Israetel shies away from. Using science-backed data and tools to back up his opinion, Israetel’s knowledge of exercise mechanics is among the best in the world.

As for Chris Bumstead, fans are looking forward to seeing him compete once again in the Classic Physique division. All roads lead to the Mr. competition. Olympia in 2024, which will take place October 10-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch the full video from the Renaissance Periodization YouTube channel below:

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