Estevan Gym is the only one that appears in the Mutant on a Mission series

“This is one of my favorite types of gyms that I find on my trip Mutant on a Mission, the gym in a small town that has a large property of hardcore bodybuilders. And the people of this town, you have it, you are very . luck,” Big Ron Partlow says on the show.

ESTEVAN — Estevan gym Studio C 24 Hour Fitness was recently featured on Season 9 Episode 1 of the popular YouTube show Mutant on a Mission.

The 23-minute video was posted on March 12 and had more than 12,000 views in less than two weeks.

In the series, one of the “Mutants” Ron Partlow, also known as Big Ron Partlow, an International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) professional, who has extensive knowledge of training methods and principles, travels the world to the search for some of the best. bodybuilding and hardcore gyms. He arrived in Estevan earlier this year and raved about the local fitness gem.

“This is one of my favorite types of gyms that I find on my Mutant on a Mission trip: the small town gym that has a large estate of hardcore bodybuilders. And the people in this town, you got it, you are. What luck,” Partlow said on the show.

Chad and Cea Anna Kerr, owners of the fitness destination in Estevan, said it was “an honor to be asked and recognized as one of the top gyms in the world, especially in a small community like Estevan “.

Both professional bodybuilders and athletes who have traveled and competed at a high level for years and have been judging lately, Chad and Cea Anna have known Partlow for a while, but they didn’t know he had come to Estevan to pitch his business, which they have years of experience and passion.

“In January, he texted and said, ‘Are you going to be around mid-February?’ And we said, ‘Yeah, we’ll make sure we’re close,'” Chad recalled. “They came on February 16, flew in the night before and then shot for four hours.”

Cea Anna, who used to live and train in large communities, said she always wanted to bring a big-city gym to Chad’s hometown of Estevan, which also became her home and which she loves.

“I’ve been training since 1989. I’ve been doing this for 35 years, I’ve worked in gyms and we have a lot of friends who own gyms. And when you’re in the fitness industry, you’re more knowledgeable about the equipment. and you’re knowledgeable of how your body works. Traveling to different gyms, you just see a lot of things. So he and I wish we could get something bigger here, make it more like a big-city gym in Estevan,” he said. Cea Anna, who is the only Ms. Saskatchewan Olympia, which is the title winner of the most prestigious professional bodybuilding competition in women’s bodybuilding.

“She’s a professional athlete and she’s done a lot of shows, we’ve traveled all over the United States and Canada and we were always going to gyms, the best gyms when we went to those places. So we had all these ideas and we had a vision of what we wanted do, but whether it would happen or not, we didn’t know at the time,” Chad shared.

They made their vision a reality in 2017, opening the 10,000-square-foot Studio C 24 Hour Fitness in the current Estevan Market Mall.

From the beginning, they knew they wanted their gym to offer a wide range of equipment to allow every muscle to be trained, but they also knew they wanted their gym to be inclusive.

“Gyms like this, they have real bodybuilders owning them, and all this experience with equipment and stuff, but they also have to make sure, especially in a city this size, that they can cater to everybody,” Partlow noted on the show . , adding that the Kerrs did a good job of finding that balance.

“This gym is spotless, it’s spotless. It’s one of the cleanest gyms I’ve been in in a long time. And that really helps the general population feel comfortable in a gym. And then they bring in all this good equipment, and they played good music. So they have a good balance here, and that’s hard to find,” Partlow said.

A lot of work went into finding this balance. The Kerrs made their gym available 24/7 so it would work for many shift workers in Estevan. When they were rebuilding the mall space, which had previously been occupied by five tenants, they invited a friend, who used to own and build gyms, to come and help. Another friend in Los Angeles helped access the right equipment for his goals.

“Some of the equipment we have is very rare,” Chad said.

“And there’s so much variety, so there’s no way you can’t get fit,” added Cea Anna. “Because when you have a lot of variety, you’re going to train and shape your body better.”

They also wanted to make sure people didn’t feel intimidated when coming to the gym.

“Once people come in here, they see the atmosphere in here. The people here are great, very friendly. And that’s what we want. It’s for everybody,” Chad said. “With the whole design of the gym, we wanted it to be welcoming for everyone.”

To achieve this goal, they put up a wall separating the entrance from the training area, built individual changing rooms and toilets, ensured that there were enough machines of all kinds so that people did not have to wait and they also arranged the equipment in such a way that people are not clustered in particular areas.

“The way we designed our gym is from our experience, and from a woman’s experience and how women feel,” noted Cea Anna. “We’ve made it so that it all flows … But we’ve scattered stuff around so you don’t have a bunch of 20 guys making guns because it’s gun night. We put different things all over the place, little pieces, and that keeps people extended. so when a woman comes in, and if there are men doing all the arms, it stretches them out… And it makes women feel more comfortable, from my perspective.”

Brainstorming, knowledge, experience and passion for what they do helped the Kerrs put Studio C together. It has evolved, with the owners adding other elements like tanning and supplements. The unique big-city feel has been appreciated by Estevan’s public for the past seven years, they said, and now it’s put itself on a wider fitness map.

“It’s been really good,” Chad said. “Memberships right now are crazy. People come in here and people are moving here from different provinces, especially Ontario, it’s crazy … And a lot of them come to the gym and say, ‘Wow ‘”.

“It’s nice when you have people from the big city come here … and they love it,” Cea Anna said.

“Me and him, we’ve never been business owners, so doing it was a lot of effort and very stressful, but we did it. And now to be recognized by one of the coolest shows in the fitness industry. What happens through the whole world, it’s great that they come here and put us on the map,” he added. “It’s not every day they contact you; they have to want to come to your place.”

Check out the Mutant on a Mission with Estevan’s C 24 Fitness Studio.

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