Engaging in simple exercise more often can help women over 50 lose weight: ‘it has many benefits!’

Women typically experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, and this can lead to a range of symptoms, including unwanted weight gain.

An expert spoke exclusively to GB News to share tips on how exercising more regularly can help you lose weight.

Co-founder of The Fast 800, Dr. Clare Bailey, explained the benefits of daily exercise for women during this time in their lives.

She explained that increasing the amount of simple exercise you do, such as walking, can be very beneficial in alleviating menopausal symptoms and promoting weight loss.

Walking can be a simple way to stay fit and healthy


Dr Bailey said: “If you’re not currently doing a lot of exercise, it can be quite daunting to start, especially if you’re not feeling your best.

“My advice would be to start with any type of exercise that you enjoy and find manageable. For example, regular walking, as long as you feel comfortable, is a good place to start.

“Then you can start to gradually increase your speed and the time you walk. There are many benefits to exercise, both mentally and physically.

“Try not to spend too much time sitting and try to get up and move your body, this will help improve your mood. Exercising in a group is also a good idea as it can increase your enjoyment levels and help to motivation”.

Walking is an easy exercise for many people to add to their routines and the average person can burn over 100 calories when walking for 30 minutes. The faster you walk and the steeper the terrain, the more calories you burn, which can lead to weight loss.

Dr Bailey explained that weight gained during menopause is usually around the belly and diet is another key way to shed it.

The expert suggested that intermittent fasting is one of the most effective plans for shedding extra pounds. This involves eating at certain times.

The expert told GB News: “If you find that weight is piling on, intermittent fasting can be incredibly effective and can also help you lose weight from your waist and neck and improve your metabolic health.

“Reducing calories to 800-1,000 calories a day two or three days a week can make a difference, and it’s fairly simple to introduce.

“Doing a few days of 800-calorie fasting, where your body starts burning excess fat for fuel, is often all you need to get back to your previous weight.

“Intermittent fasting has been shown to be very effective at reducing sugar spikes and reducing chronic inflammation, as well as reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes and lowering blood pressure.”

Dr. Bailey shared more information about why women will gain weight during menopause. She said: “When it comes to menopause, most people gain a little weight despite not changing their lifestyle.

“They’ll find that they’re eating the same food, they’re doing the same amount of exercise, but they’re finding that they’re not controlling their weight like they used to. And that can be incredibly frustrating when nothing else in their life has changed.


woman walking

Exercise is a good way to control weight during menopause


“However, there are many elements to consider when it comes to menopause and weight gain. It is likely that your estrogen levels have dropped and as a result your mood may have changed

“You might not sleep well, you might feel a little foggy, you might feel irritable and stressed, and what do people do when they’re not feeling their best? They’re more likely to reach for the sugary, starchy foods that provide comfort ., a sugar hit to give you a little lift.

“But it’s more complicated than just reaching for a snack or comfort food. When estrogen levels start to drop, it also affects the way your body handles protein.

“It turns out that your body is less able to process protein as your hormone levels drop, as it would have before menopause, so you have to eat extra protein to compensate. Getting enough protein is a factor important when it comes to hunger. , so if you’re not getting enough protein, you’re going to be hungry.”

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