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Emily Simpson is no stranger to the gym: since her weight loss, which she also attributes to using Ozempic, The Real Housewives of Orange County The cast member regularly lets her Instagram followers know about her tough workouts.

In her latest update, the mother-of-three posted a booty-focused video, with fans cheering her on.

I love COMBO workouts, Emily wrote alongside the Feb. 28 video, which showed her squatting and doing tricep extensions on a cable machine while wearing a fiery red sports bra and black leggings. This is working the triceps and glutes. She tagged her trainer, Paulina Stein, who was also responsible for filming the video.

But as good as she’s gotten in combined workouts, it’s been a journey for her to get there.

Emily Simpson’s 40 Pound Weight Loss

In September 2023, Emily took a moment to reflect on how far she has come on her fitness journey.

Around age 42 I put on 40 pounds and until now (age 47) I couldn’t get over it and feel like my old self again, she wrote alongside a slideshow of photos depicting her transformation bodily

To be clear, although I wore a swimsuit on TV for 5 years and never once felt ugly or not confident in myself or my body. not once I am the strongest (mentally and physically) right now at 47 and will continue to improve daily. My only competition is me, he continued. Thank you for following this journey with me and for always being kind and commenting positive things I appreciate you! For the haters out there… I love you too! You motivate me every day to get up more and eat better.

Ozempic use of Emily Simpson

He talked to Emily Us Weekly about using Ozempic as part of your weight loss journey in July 2023.

We finished filming in November [2022] and I remember we shot the title cards and our showrunner sent a picture of me that he took on his cell phone. And honestly, I didn’t even recognize myself, she told the publication. I said, who is that? And then I said, Oh, that’s me. I really neglected myself during the four months we were filming. I ate too much, I drank too much, I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t exercise, and I felt really depressed, really depressed, really dark when we finished filming.

The experience led Emily to undergo a complete blood panel during a doctor’s appointment, during which her doctor suggested she try Ozempic or a similar semaglutide.

At the time, he didn’t even know what Ozempic was to be honest, he shared. The doctor said, Oh, there’s this new drug for weight loss and it just got approved by the FDA and it’s great. I think it would really help you lose some weight and you’ll feel better and be able to get back to training and feel more like yourself. And I said, okay, that sounds great. Anyway, I did it in December. It was great for my diet. It really pushed me to eat better and eat healthier because it makes you feel like crap because nothing tastes good.

Emily Simpson’s workout routine while on Ozempic

Also, Emily continued with her exercise regimen. I cut out a lot and go to the gym seven days a week and work out. I train like I’m training for a fitness competition. That’s kind of the whole story, he said Us Weekly in July.

What bothers me the most is that when people comment on the way I see, they constantly say: Ozempic, Ozempic. And it’s like, yeah, I used it nine months ago or many months ago, but I don’t like that it’s discounting all the hard work I did,” he continued. I want, but at least give me credit for seven days on the week, get up at 6am every morning and kick my ass in the gym every day.

Is Emily Simpson planning a fitness competition?

During an Instagram AMA in September 2023, a user asked Emily if she’s ever considered doing an exposure contest, like her. RHOC co-star Tamra Judge.

Have you thought about a fitness competition? they wrote Take Tamra’s crown?

Emilys response? I’ve thought about it but I don’t believe it.”

She noted that many of these competitions require a great deal of discipline in terms of both diet and exercise, and she was concerned that it could be psychologically damaging to her.

Emily Simpson says she’s not too skinny

That same month, she shared a photo of herself working out at the gym and shared a message that was aimed at her friends and foes.

“All you fools commenting that I’m ‘too thin,’ please replace the word ‘skinny’ with ‘FAF,'” she wrote on the snap, adding what exactly “FAF” means: “And this, friends mine, it means Fit like Fu-k.”

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