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Going to the gym just isn’t going to happen for some people, and that’s okay. If you’re trying to start a fitness journey and prefer to do it from home, Ob Fitness is worth a try. The review-approved exercise app offers a colorful variety of at-home fitness classes, and now there’s a new personal training feature to help you get even more personalized guidance. Whether you’re looking to focus more on your health, lose weight, or improve your overall wellness this summer, a personal trainer can help provide personalized plans, recommendations, and training goals and support. The Ob app offers hundreds of live and on-demand fitness classes including Pilates, yoga, cardio boxing, HIIT and strength training classes that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Right now, new members can join for $99 for the first year with the coupon code LET’SGOGIRLS99 at checkout, a savings of $70. Learn more about Ob Fitness and how to get started with a personal trainer below.

Ob Fitness

Ob Fitness

Sign up for a full year of Ob fitness for just $99 right now.

How does Ob work?

When you sign up for Ob, you take a short quiz to assess your fitness level that asks you about your fitness experience and how much you like to sweat. It then directs you to its dashboard, where it shows you the schedule of live classes for the day, with some other on-demand classes or suggested fitness programs. If there is a live class, it will already be playing silently on the home screen if you want to join, click on it to activate and expand it.

What is Ob Fitness Personal Training?

The new 1:1 personal training feature is an affordable way for Ob members to receive personalized support and training directly through the Ob app. Online personal training includes training and wellness plans from a trainer customized to your individual needs.

How does the new personal training feature work?

To get started with a personal trainer through Ob, members can simply take an intake questionnaire to share your goals, fitness preferences and needs, typical schedule, and more. Ob will match you with a fitness expert or trainer with specializations suited to your goals. You can chat with your personal trainer through the app at any time and ask questions, make adjustments to your fitness goals or celebrate your progress! Your trainer will be able to access your laptop data and any benchmarks you submit to help guide you on your fitness journey.

What types of classes does Ob Fitness have?

Ob has a wide variety of specific fitness programs and classes, including Pilates, yoga, barre, dance cardio, cardio boxing, HIIT, and strength training. Most of her workouts are 28 minutes long, although yoga classes are usually 50 minutes long and some Pilates classes run up to 45 minutes. You can also choose from 5 minute express classes for a quick midday ab session! Our tester really appreciated the versatility and wealth of options that Ob has to offer, saying, “If you decide to train every weekday at, say, 8am, you’ll have a great schedule full of variety without have to think about it.”

Schedule of Ob fitness classes

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Ob fitness offers a wide range of in-home classes such as HIIT, yoga, barre and more.

How much does Ob Fitness cost?

Ob costs $25 per month after a one-week free trial. Membership for a longer period of time makes it more affordable, you can usually sign up for a full year for $170, but with code LET’SGOGIRLS99your one-year membership will be just $99, saving you $70.

Is Ob Fitness worth it?

Yes! Our tester’s biggest complaint was that some classes required equipment like resistance bands, dumbbells, sliders, ankle weights, and a yoga mat and blocks. He added that most instructors offered modified moves, and overall, Ob is worth it if you actually use it. “If doing live Pilates and barre classes (and yoga and strength training and everything else) is important to you, then Ob is worth it. It’s fun, easy to use, and most importantly, it made me feel more excited to exercise at home than not, which is exactly what you want in a fitness app,” he decided.

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Sign up for a full year of Ob fitness for $99 right now.

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