CrossFit Open Workout 24.3 Analysis

The third and final week of the 2024 CrossFit Open featured a pair of 5 rounds of pushers and pull-ups, followed by 1 minute of rest and 5 rounds of heavier pushers and pull-ups. Similar to 24.1, this workout also had an aggressive 15 minute time limit.

Unlike the first two workouts, the 24.3 had some more advanced pieces that acted as spacers for the athletes.

The chest-to-bar pull-up was a challenge on the women’s side, with nearly 6,000 Rxd athletes stuck at 10 reps. On the men’s side, less than 1,000 Rxd athletes stuck around at the time.

The next challenge was the heavier propellant (95/135 lbs or 43/61 kg). This thruster hit the 101st rep and we saw 5,500 women and 3,600 men get stuck at 100 reps.

By far the biggest hurdle in the workout was the barbell musculature, which came in starting at rep 108. We saw 14,000 women and 12,000 men finish the workout at 107 reps.

This week’s highlights include the 22,000 women and 71,000 men who got at least one muscle bar. In addition, an impressive 50,000 women and 103,000 men performed 40 or more push-ups in the 15-minute time limit.

Performance by country

For the final week, use 128 Rxd reps (seven completed rounds) as the metric for a competitive score. This metric will allow us to see how the top 10 countries stack up by participation. The chart below shows the percentage of athletes Rxd above and below 128 reps, as well as the percentage who did the Scaled or Foundations versions.

According to this metric, the most competitive country with 24.3% is Spain with 30%, followed by South Korea with 25% and Italy with 22.2%. This is the first time in this Open that South Korea is not ranked first in competitiveness.

Comparing the overall Rxd percentage, we have South Korea in first place with 88%, followed by Australia with 81% and the United States with 74%.

Analysis of training by division

In week 3, 87% of men 18-34 chose the Rxd version, up slightly from 84% in week 2. For women 18-34, 63% chose the Rxd, 70% lower in week 2. For masters. and teens, 69% and 60% chose the Rxd version, respectively.

The most competitive group were men aged 18-34, with 38% completing 128 repetitions or more. Only 13% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 were able to surpass this mark. Masters and teens performed in a similar range with 16% and 14% completing 128 repetitions or more, respectively.

24.3 division

In contrast to the smooth distributions of the first two Open practices, 24.3 had some obstacles that affected its distribution.

For both Rxd men and women ages 16-54, we see the highest concentration of scores in the sixth round (split into two bars in the chart below), with a large number of athletes locked in by the musculature of the bar On the women’s side, there was also a smaller build-up of 10 reps, with the blocker being the barbell push-ups.

Finishing 24.3 proved to be very difficult, with only 5% of men and 3% of women aged 16-54 completing the 170 reps before the time limit.

24.3 RC by division

Below are percentile tables for Individuals, Masters, and Teens with details for each version of the workout. You can see the breakdown of how many repetitions or how long it took to achieve a particular percentile. For example, a time of 14:04 put you in the 95th percentile for men on the scale (18-34).

These percentiles compare each version (Rx’d, Scaled, Foundations) separately for each division. They show you how well you’ve been doing in your version of training with your age group. These are different from the percentiles in the Games app, which combine all releases into an overall percentile for each division. They are not related to cut scores for the quarterfinals.

24.3 Particulars

24.3 teenagers
24.3 Masters Women

24.3 Men

*Data used for this article is from official CrossFit Open submissions.

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