Can you gain weight with Ozempic? Experts reveal how drug can become useless… as Tracy Morgan says she gained 40lbs while taking it

It is the blockbuster drug that is known to change weight quickly, even in those who have been struggling to lose weight and failing for years.

But this week, reports have surfaced suggesting that Ozempic’s weight loss is not a fact. In fact, you may gain extra pounds while taking the drug.

Comedian Tracy Morgan told Jimmy Fallonon on a recent episode of the Tonight Show that he gained 40 pounds while injecting the drug, which suppresses the hormones that make you feel hungry.

The comedian, who first mentioned taking the drug in August 2023, seemed in good spirits about life despite it, cracking jokes in his typical fashion.

But Morgan’s experience appears to be at odds with weight-loss transformation stories that have long been associated with the drug, including Oprah, who has lost more than 40 pounds while taking it.

Oprah Winfrey is a famous proponent of Ozempic, losing around 40 pounds with the help of the drug.

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan said he still managed to gain weight on Ozempic because it goes

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan said he still managed to gain weight on Ozempic because he “overcame” its impact on his appetite.

But what is the truth: is it possible to gain weight?

Ozempic contains a drug called semaglutide, which is part of a family of medicines called GLP-1 receptor agonists. They work by suppressing the activity of a hormone called GLP-1, which is responsible for making us feel hungry.

However, experts say it’s still possible to gain weight on the drug, or not lose any.

Dr. Steven Batash, the gastroenterologist, told Forbes that after a person initially loses weight with Ozempic, “the body adapts, progress may slow or stop temporarily.”

Therefore, you still need to make deliberate diet and exercise decisions to lose or maintain your weight while using Ozempic, the International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, in a forum for the drug.

If you eat a very calorie-dense diet, you may start to gain weight, said Dr. Sharon Giese.

That seems to be the case with Tracy Morgan, who told Fallon that she would “eat out of Ozempic.”

In the interview, Morgan mentions her love of cooking and plans for dinner after the show.

‘You know what I want for dinner tonight? Lasagna,’ the comedian told Fallon.

Everyone who takes this drug will eventually reach a weight loss plateau, because “you can’t lose weight forever,” Dr. Robert Gabbay of the American Diabetes Association told the New York Times.

Experts also say that those with some insulin resistance may see a plateau earlier than others.

Another reason you might gain weight with the drug has to do with the dose.

If your dose is too low, you may not get many of the drug’s appetite-suppressing effects, and you could continue with your normal patterns, Dr. Batash told Business Insider.

He has seen this in his own practice. With some patients realizing, “that dose that used to really work its magic just doesn’t work anymore.” And I’m starting to go back to my old bad habits, and I find that suppressing hunger isn’t that effective.”

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that participants taking small doses of semaglutide, between 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg, gained weight.

The rest of the cohort, who were dosed with 2.4 mg of the drug, lost almost 15 percent of their body weight.

In general, it is much more common for people to lose weight on Ozempic than not. Studies have shown that over 86% of patients do.

So if you’re planning, there may be ways to customize your weight loss plan to work for you, bariatric surgeon Dr. Todd Worley told Healthline.

“Treating each patient as an individual, with a personalized treatment plan, means that all patients are individually wired and may need a different treatment regimen.”

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