Big Health partners with Grow Therapy to launch a comprehensive mental health platform

New solution integrates evidence-based digital care programs with best-in-class network of mental health providers

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Great Healththe leading developer of digital treatments for the most common mental health conditions, has partnered Growth therapy (“Grow”) to launch a comprehensive mental health platform that will support the full spectrum of mental health care needs. Grow’s best provider network will seamlessly integrate with Big Health’s clinically proven digital programs for insomnia, anxiety and depression. The experience will integrate into customers’ existing benefits ecosystems and deliver care to millions at a fraction of the cost of existing platforms.

Despite double-digit growth in investment in this area, the mental health crisis continues to worsen. The collaboration between Big Health and Grow Therapy will provide flexibility and scalability to address the growing demand for mental health services.

“Mental health continues to be a top priority for employers and other traditional benefit customers. They face tremendous financial pressure with rising medical spending and economic headwinds. We are meeting the need for a solution that combine best-in-class clinical care and digital programs into a single platform that is up to 100% billable through claims, with no benefit budget required,” he said Arun GuptaExecutive Chairman and CEO of Big Health.

The new comprehensive mental health platform is built for the challenging market dynamics organizations face, such as utilization-based pricing, claims-based billing, and performance guarantees tied to clinical outcomes. The best-in-class clinical network powered by Grow has become one of the nation’s leading mental health care networks as a platform for therapists to start their own practice.

“Grow Therapy has built the highest quality system for a wide range of mental health professionals to deliver care to patients, working with health plans across the country,” he said. Jake Cooper, co-founder and CEO. “Our mission to deliver a high-quality customer experience and treatment outcomes aligns well with Big Health’s commitment to clinical insight and digital innovation.”

Grow’s industry-leading care network will seamlessly integrate with Big Health’s clinical-grade digital care programs for insomnia, anxiety and depression. The platform will help people identify their mental health priorities and then build care plans that best suit their needs and preferences, optimizing for strong user outcomes and satisfaction and high ROI for the organization. It will also provide providers with insights into their patients’ progress that will enable more effective care delivery. The experience will be integrated into the customer’s existing benefit ecosystems.

Big Health has been at the forefront of developing clinically proven digital programs for over a decade and has amassed the largest evidence base in the industry with over 90 peer-reviewed publications and 18 randomized clinical trials studying the its products, Sleepio, Daylight and Spark Direct. The company has been serving business marketing for more than 10 years and expects the partnership with Grow Therapy to accelerate growth by meeting customers’ needs for a comprehensive and integrated solution.

The company will first make the solution available to its existing customers and expects to launch it more broadly in 2024.

About Big Health

Big Health’s mission is to help millions regain good mental health by providing digital treatments and programs for the most common mental health conditions, such as insomnia and anxiety. Designed by leading experts, Big Health’s clinically proven programs expand access to gold standard behavioral techniques and are supported by more than 90 industry-leading research publications and 18 randomized controlled trials. By seamlessly integrating across the entire care journey, from member engagement to billing through pharmacy benefit managers, Big Health simplifies adoption for employers, payers and patients, providing an inclusive, scalable and affordability of mental health care. For more information, visit or follow Big Health on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

About Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy is a provider-focused mental health group, using technology to make high-quality mental health care accessible and affordable for all Americans. Grow Therapy provides therapists and prescribers with an expertly tailored set of business tools and services, peer community and patient referral pipeline so they can set up and grow thriving virtual and in-person private practices within the network, within communities that matter to them about the majority As a result, more Americans have access to a wide variety of providers that not only better fit their needs, but also take their insurance. Grow Therapy’s network includes more than 10,000 providers and works with major insurers such as Humana, Aetna, Cigna, Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and UnitedHealthcare. Some of Grow Therapy’s key investors include TCV, Transformation Capital and SignalFire. More information about Grow Therapy can be found at

Sleepio and Daylight have not been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of insomnia disorder and GAD, respectively. Users are requested not to make any changes to their prescribed medication or other type of medical treatment without seeking professional medical advice.

Spark Direct is a digital program that can help people live well with major depressive disorder (MDD) and symptoms of depression by providing cognitive and behavioral techniques that can improve mood. Spark Direct has not been reviewed or approved by the Food & Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Please read the instructions for use.

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