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Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t shied away from fitness even though he retired from the sport many moons ago. In a recent Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, Schwarzenegger examines studies that suggest a marked reduction in sleep could lead to loss of lean muscle rather than fat.

We all know who he is. He won the Mr. Olympia seven times and entered Hollywood as one of the highest-grossing actors to ever walk the planet. After speaking hasta la vista on stage, he remains committed to informing the audience about all things health, and that includes sleep and its effects on muscle building efforts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals why reduced sleep causes muscle loss

According to ‘The Austrian Oak’, sleep deprivation could be the silent killer of muscle tissue.

“The Silent Killer of Muscle”

“Diet and exercise get all the attention, but if you don’t recover properly, your results may not match your effort.

Research suggests that reduced sleep causes muscle loss.”

In the first study examined, Schwarzenegger explains that the group that had sleep restricted to one hour per night “mostly lost muscle” and not fat.

“In the study, all participants followed a fat-loss diet, but one group also restricted sleep by one hour per night during the week. Everyone lost a similar amount of weight, but those in the reduction group of sleep they kept more fat and mostly lost muscle.”

The study concluded that those who saw a reduction in sleep and were unable to recover lost muscle rather than fat.

“Study participants were allowed to sleep as much as they wanted on the weekends, but those who didn’t get enough sleep still lost muscle instead of fat.”

Citing a different study, Schwarzenegger pointed to participants who slept 5.5 hours per night compared to those who slept 8.5 hours per night. The results were revealing, as those who lost sleep saw a almost 80 percent of weight loss due to lean muscle mass.

“This is not the first time that sleep deprivation has been linked to muscle loss. In a different study, participants who slept 5.5 hours per night (compared to 8.5 hours) saw that almost 80 per percent of his weight loss was from lean muscle (rather than fat).

“While some muscle loss is to be expected during a diet, you can help preserve your hard-earned muscle by training hard, eating enough protein and getting enough sleep.”

And Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the only bodybuilding expert educating the public about sleep and its relationship to muscles. Fellow Olympian Jay Cutler has also looked closely at the issue and agrees with Schwarzenegger’s latest findings.

“I don’t feel like society gets enough sleep,” shares Jay Cutler. Sleep is very important to keep your body lean and active.

Another expert in sleep hygiene and nutrition, Stan Efferding, has explained how the practice is crucial for those who want to achieve weight loss.

“Sleep also affects insulin levels. We also find that people who don’t get enough sleep when they start losing weight can lose a disproportionate amount of muscle rather than fat.”

Fighting fat loss is on the Governor’s to-do list, and he’s been vocal about how prioritizing sleep can help with weight loss. It also has Arnie-approved tips, especially for those struggling with sleep deprivation. Schwarzenegger revealed that while creatine is revered for its muscle-building qualities, it can also serve as a brain booster for those with particularly droopy eyes.

Considering the critical role sleep plays in our daily lives, from performance to cognition, Schwarzenegger doesn’t underestimate it or its ability to burn fat or muscle. He also notes that you can preserve your muscles by “training hard” and “eating enough protein.”

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