7 best cannabis extraction machines to extract serious profits

With companies fighting for every dollar, maximizing plant yields is a crucial component of success. The art of extracting the cannabis flower into concentrates or hash can help companies create new products and use the plant to its fullest potential. Each extraction method presents its own set of challenges, but the right machines can mitigate these complexities and help brands produce exceptional, high-margin products.

The main types of cannabis extraction

Extraction consists of two different categories: solvent-based and solvent-free. Each method uses specialized machinery to separate the trichomes from the plant material, leaving behind high-quality concentrates with no residual solvents in the final product. Whether you’re extracting THC, CBD oils, minor cannabinoids, or terpenes, there’s cannabis extraction equipment for every job and every type of extract.

Solvent-based extraction method

Solvent extraction uses different hydrocarbons or alcohols to separate the trichomes from the plant material. The material is loaded into extraction tubes designed to withstand extreme pressure and heat. The chosen solvent is passed through the plant material at a precise pressure and temperature before being purged to remove any residual solvent. What’s left behind is pure, perfect hash.

The main solvents used in this method are ethanol, carbon dioxide (CO2), butane and even propane. Alcohol extraction with ethanol is popular for tinctures and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), while supercritical CO2 extraction is often used for large-scale production of essential oils and distillate sides Butane hash oil (BHO) became more prevalent in the cannabis market in the early 2010s thanks to the highly desirable resins it produces. Most dispensary solvent-based concentrates are created using THC butane extraction machines.

Solvent-free extraction

Solventless extraction uses water and different temperatures to create concentrates. First, the plant material is mixed with water and ice in a mixing vessel. The mixture is stirred and then filtered through fine mesh sieves. Each screen size contains a different degree of hash that can be refined.

After the hash has been sorted into different grades, it is air-dried or freeze-dried before being pressed with high pressure and heat. After pressing, the material is cured, resulting in a cannabis concentrate called rosin. Although more time-consuming and often resulting in lower yields, solvent-free concentrates command a higher price in dispensaries, leading to a positive net ROI.

Cannabis extraction equipment

With the concentrate market rapidly expanding, growers have many top-tier machines to consider. Here are some of the best cannabis extraction machines from the most popular manufacturers in 2024.

Beaker & Wrench 12 Clear Film Evaporation Hand Wrench System

As one of the leading manufacturers of solvent recovery solutions and wiped films, Beaker & Wrench is trusted by THC extractors worldwide. Founded by a husband and wife team of engineers and laboratory chemists, Beaker and Wrench designs equipment that produces pure distillates efficiently and effectively.

The turnkey 12 Clear Film Evaporation System comes ready to go, with an intuitive design simple enough for anyone to handle. An integrated 23-inch touchscreen panel provides seamless control, while a 200 liter feed tank, ACS 100 60 CFM dry screw vacuum pump and two-stage cold trap allow for continuous flow. The machine has production volumes of 15 to 30 liters per hour, maximizing efficiency and minimizing complications for cost-effective and worry-free operation.

Prodigy Processing Solutions ProX 80

A group of cannabis industry vets created Prodigy Processing Solutions to raise the bar for operational efficiency. In addition to revolutionary extraction machines, the Ohio-based company offers post-processing solutions, laboratory consulting and turnkey facilities to get new business units up and running as quickly as possible.

The Prodigy ProX 80 is the brand’s flagship device, offering high speed and precision. With an ASME-certified 350-pound jacketed solvent and collection vessel and eight columns of 10-pound jacketed material with in-line CRC, the device is capable of running 80 pounds of biomass per hour during passive operations and more than 100 pounds during active operations. .

PX80 Prodigy Processing Solutions

The ProX 80 can accommodate a wide range of solvents including butane, propane, isopropyl and various mixed solvents. Since the machine operates at very low temperatures, there is no need for post-production winterization with products such as distillate vapor pens and edibles.

Behemoth R800 Illuminated Extractors

Illuminated Extractors offers efficient models for large and small scale extraction. The company’s hydrocarbon extraction systems reduce input costs, alleviate excess auxiliary equipment, and produce high-quality extracts without added equipment.

THE-BEHEMOTH-XL extraction machine

The Behemoth R800 is the company’s top-of-the-line machine for commercial extraction, capable of running butane, ethanol and propane solvents. It features ten material columns, two GD-1 cleaned film evaporators, an IE 791 compressor and a solvent cycle, enabling continuous processing capabilities. In addition to extraction machines, Illuminated Extractors also offers modular laboratories. These labs can be set up outdoors and stacked to create unique lab workflows.

BizzyBee Hexapod modular extraction system

BizzyBee Extractors has a wide range of products designed to quickly and effectively extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis biomass. Offering a wide range of modular solutions for both hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction, BizzyBee has a wide variety of options for creating craft-scale, high-volume premium cannabis extracts.

Bizzybee Hexapod

In addition to performing passive solvent recovery, the Hexapod system offers low temperature deparaffinized extraction of cured and fresh frozen material. It has two material columns, two solvent columns, a collection vessel, a molecular sieve and a solvent reservoir. Optional add-ons include a heat exchanger and a filtration column to complete the unit. Depending on final customizations, the BizzyBee can process 40 to 100 pounds of material in eight hours.

Lowtemp Industries Osprey washing machine

Lowtemp Industries offers American-made processing equipment for home and commercial solventless extractors. The company manufactures a wide range of solutions for the washing of input materials for large and small-scale batches. The Osprey is a Lowtemps top rack washing machine, capable of running up to 21,000 grams fresh frozen or 4,200 grams dry per two hour wash cycle. The patent-pending square shape allows for maximum agitation by mixing from the bottom (up and over) instead of the counter-clockwise motion that many competitive machines use.

Osprey Low Temperature Industries Extractor

The Osprey features automated blending and custom recipes to ensure each strain gets the treatment it needs for maximum yields. The unit is available on its own or as part of a fully turnkey system that includes a nest recycling kit, water cooler, screen collector, freeze dryer and rosin press.

Evolved genome hydrocarbon extraction system

Evolved Extraction Solutions is a Canadian company gaining ground in the American THC extraction market. The manufacturer offers closed loop systems with hydrocarbon machines, ethanol extractors and water equipment for hashing. Evolved also offers a large number of accessories and post-processing solutions, aiming to be a one-stop shop for commercial concentrate producers.

Advanced Extraction Solutions Genoma Hydrocarbon Extractor

The Evolved Genome Hydrocarbon Extraction System uses a series of integrated closed-loop mechanisms that the company calls “sequences.” The machine can handle between 50 and 400 pounds of biomass per shift, depending on the type of finished material desired. The all-in-one modular system can provide in-line THCa crystallization, a potential game-changer for extractors that could generate 20kg of isolate in eight hours. Add-ons include genome-bottleneck-breaking modules that offer a 100% performance boost.

Commercial HashTek 85t Bubble Extraction System

Canadian company HashTek specializes in ice water extraction and dry sieving. Although Hashteks solutions are manufactured in North America, they are still competitively priced with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and lifetime support.

The HashTek 85t is the brand’s flagship machine for commercial cannabis oil extractors with the capacity for a single operator to produce five to ten pounds of rosin or melt per day. The unit has top-down agitation and stainless steel sanitary piping for recirculation, drainage, fresh water and wash water. Haskteks patented tip-to-vacuum system sees the agitation tank mounted on a rotating shaft for easy biomass removal. The company’s proprietary work screens also eliminate the need for 220 u work bags. According to the manufacturer, a single 85t operator can produce over $100,000 worth of product per day based on a wholesale price of $30 per gram.

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