31 hard pills to swallow about the truths of life

Unfortunately, not everything can be in life flowers and butterflies. And even though the less positive things aren’t something they tend to enjoy, they tend to make people appreciate all that is nice a little more.

Some pretty bitter aspects of life were recently discussed by members of the ‘Ask’ community, after a user asked them what some of the saddest truths about life are. Fellow Citizens were heartbreakingly honest, covering everything from the ins and outs of being a good person to the relentless passing of us and beyond. Scroll down to find their answers in the list below and see for yourself which sad things tend to balance out the positive in life.

Below you will also find bored panda interview with Wilfrid Laurier University Department of Philosophy Associate Professor Dr. Gary Foster, who was kind enough to answer some of our questions about dealing with the negative aspects of life.

While discussing the importance of thinking about the less stimulating aspects of life, Dr. Gary Foster said bored panda that it is important to do it from time to time. “Life is full of sadness and tragedy as well as joy and excitement,” he said. “The ancient Greeks—and I’m sure other cultures as well—recognized this, as expressed in Greek tragedy. Aristotle, for example, thought that the role of tragedy (in the theater) was to arouse the emotions of pity and fear so that we might experience a catharsis or cleansing of those emotions. I think that sometimes today we read certain types of fiction or watch certain films for similar reasons”.

31 hard pills to swallow about the truths of life “People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they get” – Greg House

Some people are horrible humans their whole lives and never suffer a single consequence for it, while others try their best to be genuinely good people and screw up their whole lives.

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Dr. Foster added that sometimes we just need a good cry. “It is good, I think, to reflect, not only on the good and joyful things in life, but also on the reality of suffering and sorrow.

“Of course, dwelling on these ‘negative’ realities is no healthier than ignoring them,” he continued, “but psychologically speaking, I think there’s something healthy about facing those realities. unpleasantnesses of life (as far as possible) and still affirming that life is good or worth living. Nietzsche and Camus seem to endorse this attitude.”

31 hard pills to swallow about the truths of life We are rarely aware of our “last” moments, so don’t cherish them until they are a faded memory. The last time your father hugged you. The last passionate kiss from someone you love. The last time you ran as fast as you could. The last time you were proud of yourself for achieving something. etc.

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According to Dr. Gary Foster, contemplating the sad or tragic aspects of life can benefit a person in part for the reasons Aristotle offered. “Sometimes we need a good cleansing or catharsis of certain emotions that seem to arise very naturally during the daily drama of life,” he suggested.

“But I also think there is virtue and empowerment in simply accepting the world as it is and being okay with it. When I say accepting the world as it is, I don’t mean that we shouldn’t try to change unjust societies or unjust situations from our immediate surroundings (with family and friends), but rather accepting the fact that people live and die, experience joy and suffering, etc. These are things over which we have no ultimate control.”

When it comes to what tends to annoy people the most, the expert admitted that it’s hard to think of things beyond the obvious. “A sense of injustice often upsets people,” he observed. “Also, not being recognized or respected (this often accompanies a sense of injustice, especially among oppressed people).”

He also noted that at the level of everyday interpersonal interactions, people want to be heard or understood, and if they are not, feelings of isolation and other negative emotions can arise. “If this is accompanied by what appears to be willful ignorance, neglect, or an unwillingness to listen or really try to understand on the part of another person, this can lead to anger and resentment, of which there seems to be no shortage “.

“So the things that can be beneficial to reflect on—sadness, tragedy, what Camus calls ‘the irrational silence of the universe’, etc.—can become quite negative at times, especially on a personal level if the person can’t Find a way, through an attitude, disposition, strategy or whatever, to put the negative into perspective,” noted Dr. Foster.

“Of course, some people experience situations in life that seem so negative that it is difficult to imagine how they can overcome them. Jean-Paul Sartre, at least in his early works, thought that even in these situations one can respond with a certain ‘attitude’ that can still be positive and for which they can be held accountable. There are times when I think he may have been right, but others when I’m not so sure. Some circumstances seem almost impossible to overcome, psychologically or attitudinally”.

31 hard pills to swallow about the truths of life You are primarily destined for the situation you arrive at. If your father has a commercial real estate business when you were born. Chances are you own commercial real estate and are very wealthy and there’s nothing great or wonderful you’ve done to put yourself in this position other than being born into this family and basically not becoming addicted to advertising and ruining your chance.

Most of us aren’t born with money and that’s why most people don’t have a lot of it. It’s quite simple. There are outliers and success stories from paupers to princes, but the fact is that this is not very likely. Sorry. It doesn’t mean you won’t have a good life, but if you focus too much on the American dream it will always fall short.

The American Dream is no longer for any American, it is for the top 10%.

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