3 Effective Vitamins and Minerals That Doctors Recommend Taking for Younger-Looking, Supple Skin

Nurturing the well-being of your skin is of immense importance as it can influence your self-confidence and mental health in a constructive way. If you already follow a healthy routine of a balanced diet, hydration, exercise, regular sleep, and a dermatologist-endorsed skin care regimen, it may be beneficial for those over 40 to introduce supplements into your routine. Skincare and health experts advise three crucial supplements for graceful aging: collagen, vitamin A, and zinc.

Read on for advice, tips and insights from Dra. Debra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified New York dermatologist and assistant professor of Dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. Nadir Qazi, board-certified physician, cosmetic dermatology surgeon and owner of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of clinical and cosmetic research in dermatology at Mount Sinai and Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist, health expert and creator of The Candida Diet.

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Experts share 3 supplements that can fight the effects of aging

1. Collagen

Collagen is the protein responsible for skin’s flexibility and elasticity, says Jaliman, and can be taken as a daily supplement, while it’s also found in many foods. Collagen loss begins at age 21, and by age 40, women have lost “10 to 20 percent of their collagen and 1 percent after that,” Richards explains.

After 40, you can still promote radiant, glowing skin, she notes, by taking collagen supplements and eating collagen-rich foods like bone broth, eggs, chicken, berries, and more. “There are three main types of collagen and it’s best to consume a collagen supplement that contains most of the five forms,” ​​he says, “At a minimum, it’s ideal to take types 1 and 3 together.”

Collagen can be taken as a supplement as a capsule or powder. “When taken as a powder, especially mixed with a protein powder, this can improve collagen absorption,” advises Richards. Jaliman recommends a simpler option, which can be paired directly with a product designed to promote younger-looking skin.

She suggests “mixing collagen powder with water or any beverage” to specifically target your goals. This powerful pairing helps with overall hydration, as the body needs water at any age, and collagen powder links directly to collagen production. The more collagen we have, he says, the younger our skin will feel and appear.


2. Vitamin A

According to Qazi, the optimal daily vitamin for women 40 and older looking to firm their skin and mitigate the signs of aging is unequivocally vitamin A. She says that whether taken orally with a supplement or s ‘applied directly to the skin with a cream or serum, “vitamin A is effective in reducing the appearance of age.”

“Vitamin A stimulates collagen production and elastin formation, even after they begin to break down, rebuilding and repairing what was lost,” explains Qazi. “If you think of your skin as a trampoline, collagen would be the frame, and elastin would be the springs that make the trampoline bounce,” he adds.

“Without the frame and springs, the trampoline is just a wrinkled fabric on the floor.” Luckily, your skin doesn’t have to lose its frame or wrinkles when you add vitamin A to your daily routine!


3. Zinc

If you struggle with acne and/or just want to promote clearer, smoother, more nourished-looking skin as you age, Zeichner recommends taking zinc supplements. “Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help calm acne breakouts,” she explains.

According to Zeichner, including zinc supplements in your skin care regimen helps the production of fresh, supple skin cells while also serving to repair cells that may have been affected by acne. . This is especially helpful for people who have had acne problems in the past or are currently suffering from it.


The bottom line

In general, while these three supplements are highly regarded by skin care experts, consulting a dermatologist can help you determine the optimal supplement for your unique skin care needs.

For those looking to age gracefully, these supplements are often recommended by doctors and serve as a valuable starting point for supplement choices!

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